Why serving alcohol is so important

We occasionally have clients who for various reasons want to open a FEC, bowling or other entertainment-based center but not serve alcohol. For those venues we've seen try it, that lack of alcohol has proved to severely impact their attendance, revenues and profitability.

The target market today for community-based leisure venues are college educated, upper income households. Households with at least one adult with a Bachelor's Degree or higher now account for over two-thirds (69%) of community-based entertainment spending.

80% of college graduates drink alcohol.

Bachelor Degree and higher educated households are 39% of all households yet account for 63% of all alcohol expenditures consumed at local bars and restaurants.

The preferred alcoholic drink for that higher socioeconomic college graduate customer is now wine followed by beer.

So the bottom line is very straightforward. If you want to attract the higher socioeconomic market that not only has the discretionary bucks, but also is spending it for out-of-home entertainment, you darn better be serving alcohol, as they expect to be able to get a drink when they go out.