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It seems counterintuitive, but every summer we really get busy. You can read about our current projects at the end of this eNewsletter.

Last issue one of our readers caught one of our common faux pas, typos. We’re really good at our consulting and design work in the location-based leisure industry, but we aren’t authors or great wordsmiths. So occasionally we miss an obvious typo or grammatical error when we proof read.

What the reader brought to our attention was our use of the word shrimps. Yes, I know the plural of shrimp is shrimp. It belongs to a group of nouns with irregular plurals where the singular and plural are identical. But you see that concept is somewhat unique to English, so when I travel the world where English is not the first language, I often hear people say fishes, shrimps, etc. So I guess I’ve gotten too used to those corruptions of English.

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Randy White