Editor's Corner

Our company, White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group, Inc., spends a significant amount of both time and money researching not only proven solutions for both the design (called evidence-based design) and management of leisure, but also consumer trends that will influence the business success of our clients - now and in the future. The current economic downturn is accelerating many consumer trends, as well as creating new ones. In these turbulent times of accelerated change, understanding the changing consumer landscape becomes even more important. If you don't adapt, or in the case of a new facility, plan for what the consumer landscape may look like by the time you open, your business could well be doomed. Although we can't share the entirety of our research due to its proprietary nature, we are pleased to share some of it with you through our e-newsletters.

To some of our readers, much of this information may seem academic. But the key to success in the location-based leisure industry is to understand how to apply research in practical terms to both facility design and operation. For years, our company has been doing just that: helping our clients be successful by opening and managing facilities that are truly aligned with both current and emerging consumer trends -- not copycats of what may be obsolete models.
We hope you will find our articles and information insightful. It's a fast-changing world, now more than ever before.

Randy White