Smashies from the space program

The new Smashies squeezable applesauce containers are a big hit with children.

If you've ever watched a preschooler open one of those snack-size applesauce containers with foil lids, you know there is a very high probability some of the applesauce will end up on parts of the child's body besides his mouth. Karstan Robbins, founder of Smashies Pouches, has come to the rescue of parents everywhere with Smashies. It's the first squeezable pouch of organic applesauce for kids. Each pouch contains one serving of fruit with no added sugar or high fructose corn syrup. It's kosher, gluten free and has no animal byproducts. The BPA-free packaging was developed for the space program. Parents report their kids are sucking on Smashies as if they're baby bottles.