Kids snacking exotic flavors

The time honored peanut butter and jelly sandwich has some new competition. Check out the up and coming snack flavors that are making kids' mouths water.

Snacking, especially after school and before dinner, is important to children. Children 6 to 12 say that really unusual flavors make snacks more fun. That age group also says that they like to try new kinds of snacks. According to International Flavors & Fragrances, these are some of the up and coming snack flavors for kids.

Jalapeño-cheddar chile
Sizzlin' fajita
Smokin' Cajun
Chipotle BBQ
Spicy Thai peanut
Sour dill pickle
Hot Buffalo & cool ranch

The growing sophistication of children's palates is also showing up in their meal preferences. All types of facilities that offer food and beverages to families with children, including FECs and edutainment centers, need to constantly upgrade their offerings to stay relevant to children.