Importance of Nature to Young Children

Our company's Children's Learning and Play Environments division designs child care, children's learning facilities and playgrounds. Our CEO, Randy White, recently published a thoroughly researched article on our Web site, "Young Children's Relationship with Nature: Its Importance to Children's Development & the Earth's Future", based upon the latest research findings and early childhood professionals' writings from throughout the world on children's connection with nature. The article discusses not only the importance of regular contact with nature to children's development, but the important role that child care and education facilities can play in giving children places where they "can reclaim the magic that is their birthright, the ability to grow and learn to their fullest in their unique experiential way through the joy of exploration and discovery in the natural world." Although the article was not written from the perspective of entertainment facilities, it does apply to outdoor children's leisure environments, such as adventure play gardens in children's edutainment centers and children's gardens at botanical gardens.

Click here to read Randy's article.