We have identified a phenomenon that plagues the community-based entertainment and leisure industry that we call "road kill amnesia."

Unfortunately, the history of what is referred to as the FEC industry is littered with road kill, projects that were poorly conceived and managed and are now out of business. Amazingly, new projects continue to be built that almost exactly replicate the road kill. And most experience the same fate. That is why we call it road kill amnesia. It appears the industry has no memory and developers of new projects aren't learning from the past.

We attribute part of this to the entrepreneurial spirit, the "I can do it, it will work attitude." Unfortunately, too many new projects continue to be developed based solely upon entrepreneurs' beliefs of what they think will work. Ambition is good, but not with blinders. Dreams are wonderful, but not if they become nightmares.

When people develop projects on their own, based upon their ideas of what they think will work, and work with architects that are not experts in the industry, they are only setting themselves up to become road kill. The history and lessons of the past are out there. However, that knowledge is not published where it can be accessed. Rather, the knowledge base of the industry is held by industry consultants, designers and producers.

If you are thinking about developing a new project, please don't participate in road kill amnesia. Hire an expert in the type facility you are planning, and listen, listen, listen and follow their advice. It will be the best investment you can make and should make the rest of your investment a success. We're all tired of road kill. It is hurting the entire industry.