Meet the food connected consumer

Whereas a decade ago ‘foodies' were a specialized minority, today that deeper interest in food has gone mainstream. A research study by Fogelson & Co. has found that more food-aware, food-involved consumers, what they labeled ‘Food Connected Consumers,' now represents nearly two-thirds (62%) of Americans across all demographics and geographies, and account for 85% of all US food expenditures. The research underscores an emerging, passionate majority of mainstream Americans who care about the food they eat, value transparency, and are loyal to brands that speak to them interests and values.

Food Connected Consumers:

  • Self-define themselves as having an average or above average passion for food
  • Are involved in food purchasing, cooking and dining decisions.
  • Have an interest and awareness of food-related issues

They are looking for adventure and discovery with food:

  • 86% enjoy trying foods from different cultures
  • 63% like to travel
  • Two-thirds (67%) consider themselves to be food explorers

56% of Food Connected Consumers regularly watch food shows and 55% read food magazines.

They all care about where their food comes from and its impact-on individual health and our world.The majority (72%) support causes they believe in and 50% say they try to buy brands that align with their values.

“Tell your food's story,” said Fogelson. “What is its origin? How was it made? Why is it the better choice-not just for consumers, but the world we live in? If the story seems elusive, embrace the truth of your product and tell that. Every brand - even many non-food brands - can have a food story that resonates with this powerful audience.”