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It's been a very busy summer for me consulting with different farms. I just returned from a farm in Michigan where I assisted them in identifying low-hanging, simple improvements they could immediately make to increase revenues and profits, a new layout for their festival grounds, and starting work on developing the program for a greatly expanded farm market, brewery, cidery, and tasting room and expanded festival ground attractions.

When you read this, I will be south of Tampa, Florida evaluating options for an organic farm to move into agritourism.

Then I'm giving the keynote at Missouri Agritourism Conference.

Two days later I'm off to Pennsylvania for a 4-day tour of three agritourism farms and two theme parks (you can learn a lot from theme parks that is applicable to agritourism) with a number of the top agritourism farmers in America.

Towards the end of the month I'm visiting a beef ranch in Alabama to consult with them on growing their value-added offerings and developing agritourism experiences.

I hope you will find our articles helpful to your business. If there's any particular subjects you'd like us to cover in future issues, don't hesitate to let us know.

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