Why Choose White Hutchinson Leisure & Learning Group

  • Our staff includes an early-childhood director with over 23-years hands-on experience, a master's degree, specialized training in infant and toddler care and is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector. Click here to learn more about our early-childhood director.
  • We are a small firm, so each of our clients receives very individual attention from our key staff members.
  • We offer comprehensive services including master planning; architectural, interior and landscape design and equipment selection, if needed.
  • Family- and child-oriented design work is our specialty, so we get it right the 1st time.
  • We practice evidence-based design - our designs are based upon the findings from the extensive body of research on children's learning and play environments.
  • Our firm can save you money in construction change order and equipment costs.
  • We have extensive international and cross cultural experience.
  • Our firm has conducted extensive research on children's, staff and parental design needs.