Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I am planning to build or renovate space for children either indoors or outdoors. When should I consider retaining your firm?

A. The earlier the better. The biggest, and often irreversible or fatal, mistakes are made the earliest in the development process. Critical success factors include site selection, layout of space, and realistic development budgets. Our extensive experience and knowledge can help you make the best decisions to assure you success.

Q. What do your services cost?

A. It depends on the scope of work to be performed. Our possible services include consultation, layout of space, architectural and landscape design services, construction coordination, selection of equipment, technical assistance and staff training. These services can apply to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Q. I am not sure how to proceed with my project or what I need. How can you help me?

A. Most of our clients retain us for an initial one-day consultation/charrette to review and discuss their plans, inspect sites, discuss all aspects of development and the industry, and generally help them get focused on a plan of action. Based upon that trip, we can then give you a definitive proposal for any additional services you need.

Q. I serve children of diverse ages. Do you have staff that understand the unique needs of children?

A. Vicki L. Stoecklin, our Child Development and Education Director, has a Master's Degree in Education and has worked with children ages infancy through sixth grade. She has taught college courses in child development, directed child development/Head Start centers, and supervised and trained teachers most of her career. She understands developmentally appropriate practice and practical design needs of staff, children, and parents.

Q. Do you charge just to discuss my project over the phone?

A. No. Call us. We trade on our integrity and reputation, not on trying to generate work for ourselves.

Q. Is your company affiliated with any suppliers?

A. Absolutely not. We have no ownership, nor will we accept any commissions, rebates or other compensation from suppliers. We have no conflict of interest in our advice to you. We often recommend particular equipment or suppliers, but only because we believe they are the best choice. Our extensive knowledge of suppliers can help to assure that you get high quality, safe, and cost effective equipment selection.

Q. Why is the design of children's environments important?

A. Research has clearly shown that the physical environment can have a profound effect on children's, staff's, and parents' behaviors. We aren't interested in good environments for children. We advocate and create high quality, developmentally appropriate learning and leisure environments for children and their families.

Q. Do you have experience with various cultures?

A. We have extensive experience and background in cultural competency and have worked on projects throughout North America, Latin America, the Pacific, the Middle East, the Caribbean and Africa. Culture is the framework which bounds life practices. Family structures, child-rearing practices, attitudes, perceptions, language styles and design preferences vary from culture to culture. All of these issues must be considered in collecting information to create and design a space, indoors and outdoors.