What Previous Participants said about the Early Childhood Facilities Design Institute

"We are hoping to build a new center in two years. This really helped us to start the planning with knowledge of what is needed. We now know what questions to ask staff and parents, have knowledge of the costs for design fees, play gardens, etc. No-one should start a remodeling, building or playground project without this Institute. I was afraid that the architects and departments who were helping us would not have the early childhood experience and would not plan for these specific needs. By talking them into coming with me, I no longer have any fears."

Debra Ring, Director, K-State Child Development Center, 2005

"It is a daunting and overwhelming prospect to start a new facility, but this two-day session give you the resources and reference points to know how to go about it without omitting major necessary steps for a good environment."

Evelyn Mow, Community Playthings, 2005

"I learned a great deal and met many people who could be helpful in future endeavors. I also liked the friendly and personal environment that was created."

KG Architects

"I learned a great deal about the importance of developing a team to assist with a project - who should be on it and why - and important questions and considerations to make. I felt that it has enabled me to plan more effectively and not make big, costly mistakes."

Rutland Co. Head Start

"The Institute brought together, in one room, architects, designers, contractors, consultants, teachers and (significantly) a parent, all whom shared, laughed and communicated the same message: 'We care about children and their learning environments; we want to take the centers to the next level of professionalism."

ABC's of Children's Care & Education

"As an interior designer, I found the discussion of the integration of the outdoor environment with the indoor to be enlightening and extremely valuable"

Silverman Trykowski Associates

"We are at the beginning stage of planning a new facility. This was a great summary of all of the issues to be considered. I was given the information that I can use as justification for designing a child centered play space with my administrators. I appreciated the samples and all the plans. The numerous photos were great!"

Community College in Saskatchewan, Canada

"This Institute was so well organized, presenters were enthusiastic and knowledgeable. The Institute information was useful in the depth and breadth of knowledge shared especially regarding focus for children and outdoor learning environments. Networking opportunities were excellent"

Medical College of Virginia Child Care Services

"Information was very interesting and will be useful in consultation with licensees wanting to renovate existing space or prospective licensees in building or buying new facilities"

Missouri Bureau of Child Care Licensing

"I appreciate the focus on viewing outdoor play environments as meaningful learning environments that deserve as much planning as we invest in indoor learning environments, materials and planning."

Anonymous Participant

"Vicki was so very knowledgeable and was able to share her extensive information effectively. There was an excellent combination of information and visuals (pictures) so we could learn more about facilities and see it. Vicki's knowledge of early childhood development, her experience in the field and her design knowledge were a fabulous combination"

Anonymous Participant