Agritourism client accolade

We've worked with Davis Farmland children's discovery farm every year for 30 years since we first performed their feasibility study and then developed its master plan. Since then, the children's discovery farm has grown, the fall Davis Mega Maze Colossal Adventures was added across the street, and a few years ago, their year-round Davis BBQ restaurant was added. We've advised them on every aspect of their agritourism businesses and have designed multiple additions and renovations, including their Davis BBQ restaurant.

After our CEO, Randy White's visit this year, we received this email from Larry Davis, one of the three family owners:

"Incidentally, thank you for joining us at Farmland, once again this year. I think this might be our 30th year together!

"It's been great having you working with us all this time. You have always been available to help us out whenever we have needed it, get us through any difficulties, and guided us to the path of fruition.

"The most fantastic ideas people have, usually don't go exactly the way they're initially envisioned. One of the greatest parts of your brilliance is being able to look at any situation, and instantly find the A, B, and C alternatives that make sure fantastic ideas survive and prosper.

"There is no such thing as simply going for a stroll with you. Your mind is always churning out new thoughts and ideas - for new exhibits, or simply to plus the exhibits we already have.

"Cheers to 30 years. The fun has gone by in the blink of an eye."

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