Getting tired of pumpkin spice for your fall festivals

Datessential says a new flavor will be among the top 10 flavors and ingredients that will be everywhere in 2023. Many other companies researching flavor trends have also named it among their top 10 in their flavor trend forecasts. What is it? It's spicy maple that mixes a fiery kick with maple's sweet, earthy flavor. Usually, it's used to flavor foods like meats, veggies, or baked products. Spicy maple seasoning is frequently used as grilling marinades, sprinkled over roasted vegetables, or as a flavor for meats like chicken or pork.

Adding something like spicy maple glazed chicken wings to your fall menu is a surefire way to spark visitors' attention and introduce a sense of discovery and adventure to an approachable food they are familiar with.

But you're not limited to chicken wings. Here are just a few other ideas to inspire some new items for your fall festival menu:

  • Chicken and waffles with spicy maple syrup
  • Spicy maple mayo
  • Spicy maple burgers
  • Spicy maple glazed bacon
  • Spicy maple candied nuts
  • Spicy maple popcorn
  • Spicy maple baked beans
  • Spicy maple pulled pork sandwich

Now's the time to start experimenting and developing your recipes to greet your visitors this fall with a new flavor forward adventure.

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